Gold Plated Championship Wrestling Belts are basically the ones you can find easily here on Zees Belts. There are four types of plating we use for our metal plates. Either it is brass metal or zinc metal. 
The four kinds of plating includes:
- Gold Plating
- Nickle Plating Or Silver Plating
- Dual Plating
- 24k Gold Plating

Gold Plating is the kind of plating in which the metal is fully plated with gold. These are the Gold Plated Championship Belts. The final look of this championship belt clearly shows the gold look. The championship belts which completely have a gold look are gold plated championship belts. This applies on both brass and zinc metal plates for a championship belt. 

Nickle or Silver Plating are the kind of plating in which the championship belt gives a silver look. There are alot of belts here on the store which have complete silver look and such plating includes championship belts like NWA Television Championship Belt or Hulk Hogan 84 Championship Belt. 

Dual Plating is the kind of plating in which the championship belt gives a half silver and half gold look. Such championship belts are called dual plated or dual plating championship belts. There are alot of championship belts here on store which have half gold and half silver look such as AEW Championship Belt, Hulk Hogan 86 Championship Belt, Winged Eagle Dual Plated Championship Belt and many more. 

24k Gold Plating is the most high quality gold plating used here for our championship belts. This kind of gold plating is basically used on either Zinc Championship Belts 24k Gold Championship Belts which are also zinc plate belts. For this kind of plating, we have a special category for championship belts which is knows as 24K Gold Championship Belts. The price for these championship belts are the highest on the store. Normally you can find a zinc championship belt for 250-300 USD but 24k Gold Championship Belts starts from 349 to 999 USD. You can also use 24K Gold Plating for CNC Championship Belts. As they are most detailed and high quality championship belts made by zees belts. 

You can find these championship here on Zees Belts Through Search Bar or Category Page.