AEW Championship Belt Is One Of The Most Hot Selling Championship Belt Around The World Right Now. As You Know That AEW Has Also Launched New Championship Belts Which Also Have Great Designs and Detailings Like The Main AEW Championship Belt. As You Know AEW Championship Belt Is The Face Of AEW Wrestling Promotion. This Championship Belt Has Different Varients According To The Budget Of A Customer. For Example, One Customer Has A Budget Of $500 USD and Other Customer Has A Budget Of $300 USD. So For The Customer With $500 USD Budget, We have Triple Layer and 24K Gold Plating AEW Championship Belt Which Costs $499.99 USD and For The Customer With $300 USD Budget, We Have The AEW Double Layer Championship Belt Which Costs $299.99 USD. 

So If We Take A Look At Both These Belts We Will Find Difference In Weight And Detailing Of The AEW Championship Belt. Basically, Double Layer AEW Championship Is Two Stacked Zinc Metal Plate Championship Belt. You Can Also Order This In Brass Metal Which Is Cheaper Than Zinc Metal. And The Three Layer AEW Championship Belt Is Basically Triple Stacked Zinc Metal Plates. For Gold Plating On AEW Belt Championship Belt, There Are Two Types Of Gold Platings. One Is Normal Gold Plating Which Applies On All Championship Belts On Our Website. Second Is 24k Gold Plating, Which Is The Special Kind Of Gold Plating And There Is A Special Category For 24K Gold Championship Belt. 
So It's Your Choice, Whichever Option You Would Like To Go With. 

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