WWE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT is what every pro wrestling fan dreams of. As you know that till today there are alot of people out there who are not aware of that you can buy your WWE CHAMPIONSHIP BELT online. And because of no awareness, they cannot fulfill their dream of holding a WWE Championship Belt. 

Here on Zees Belts, We have a special category for WWE, WWF, WCW and ECW Championship Belts. From old school championship belts to up to date WWE Championship Belts are available here in-store. Whenever you think of a WWE Championship belt, the first belt you will think of is WWE World Heavyweight Championship or WWE SMACKDOWN or RAW Championship Belts. We have divided WWE Belts into three phases. First phase is Brass Championship Belt. Second Phase is Zinc Championship Belt and third phase is 24k Gold Championship Belt. 

Brass championship belts are the one as we described in our previous articles is that it is the most basic kind of material used for championship belts. The detailing for brass championship belts are normal and people loves it. 

Zinc championship belts are the ones as with high quality detailing and is basically loved by most of the pro wrestling fans out there. It has better detailing and deep etching and are available in 2mm, 4mm,6mm and 8mm thickness and same applies of brass championship belts. 

24k Gold championship belts are the top of the line championship belts here on Zees Belts. They have the highest quality gold plating as compared to zinc and brass championship belts, Also the metal used for 24k Gold Championship Belts are zinc metal . But still they are top of the line just because of their top quality gold plating. 

The prices for WWE Championship belt starts from $179.99 and goes till $369.99. The good news is that shipping is free to Canada, USA and UK and also Australia. 
So what are you waiting for? Order your championship belts today and fulfill your WWE Dream and be a champ!