What are the best designs for the world championship belt?

Temperature birds are always among the most engaging and captivating titles for wrestlers and other sportspeople.  Whether you are in a ring or any sports ground, championship belts have won the hearts of winners as well as the fans of that particular sport. In particular, championship belts are for wrestlers winning tournaments and different wrestling contests. Different wrestling platforms have used these remarkable and fantastic championship belts to promote their platform as well as a reward to their winning wrestlers.

In this article, we are going to discuss the most incredible designs of the world championship belt. In addition to it, we will also tell you some tips that how you can manufacture your own premium quality championship belt with the addition of certain things.  so stay tuned and discover the best designs of the world's most famous and glorious championship belts.

Why championship belts are always close to the fans?

It is true that WWE championship belts are always close to the hearts of fans who are watching live matches of their favorite wrestlers in the ring.  Of course, these wrestling words also meant a lot to wrestlers as well.  this statement can be understood with the fact given by Steve Austin.  In one of the events, he shared that if you Were not in the business through when any of these championship belts, then you would not be why you were in that business.

 The success and fame of any particular championship belt can be seen by the number of replica belts on the shoulders of friends.  How special this belt is to them that they have got the championship belt, whether it is a copy of a brand new remarkable championship belt.  

In the next section, we will discuss the five best world championship belts of WWE, which won the hearts of fans as well as the winning contestants.  Let’s have a look at them one by one

list of the world's best championship belts

Obviously, all championship belt titles have been different from each other in certain courses.  but some things are significant, and they have never changed till now.  In essence, these championship belts have presented the winning title and the popularity of top businesses at a very smooth and appropriate rate.

 There are some specific aspects that have made all these championship belts unique from each other, but the absolute designs and quality it’s something to be cherished and hey forever.

  • Million Dollar championship belt

This championship belt is considered one of the most unique-natured championship belts ever in the wrestling world.  With a very limited number of champions, it still has a great name in the history of WWE.  This title was never ever defended again, and it suited the winning champion perfectly. 

 The entire diamond-encrusted plate and the dollar design make it look even more distinct and captivating for fans and other wrestlers. With the dollar sign and tremendously amazing strap bends and give a memorable piece as a rewarding title to the winning wrestler.  Surely this supreme and memorable piece of art is always in the hearts of fans of wrestling. This striking and eye-catchy appearance of this belt makes it one of the best and most unique championship belts in the history of NXT, as it was reminded again.

  1. AEW world championship belt

This was also one of the tremendous world championship belts and a huge amount of money was expended on it.  the number of gold gems diamonds, and other precious stones were obviously added to its beauty. This world championship belt has obnoxiously a massive play on the front side, which offered the entire purpose of its beauty. 

It was evident that fans and wrestlers looking at it made it million dollars winning the title. Talking about modern wrestling, this world championship belt stands as an A-class winning reward because of its huge and prestigious size.  The chance of holding this premium championship belt it’s also an honor.  truly this championship belt is always a spotlight and a center of attention in the rings of the wrestling world.

  • Big Eagle WWE Championship Belt

 In the list of world championship belts that have been recognized and gained a massive amount of popularity, the big eagle WWE championship belt has taken 3rd place. These championship belts are a signature eagle from the previous design of one of the most glorious WWE championship belts.  Along with an eagle, there is a globe in the center of the championship belt.  This was basically a way to represent the company’s overall same in the entire world.

It is a fact that there are a lot of championship belts that have a great history in the world of wrestling, and they are still in the hearts of wrestling fans and championship and tournament winners. The uniqueness and beauty of the championship belt can be estimated through various things, for instance, the color scheme of the belt, metallic plates, gold diamonds, and precious gems embedded in the metallic plate.  However, the designs have changed, and in every wrestling tournament but the prestigious championship, Belts have left an impressive legacy behind. 

Final words

Concluding our details and discussion regarding world championship belts with the most prestigious, unique, and fascinating designs ever. Indeed, we cannot list all of them in one article, but we have given you one of the most beautiful and impressive designs of a world championship belt that has been rewarded as a winning title. From its quality and unique design to its static field, these world championship bars have always been remembered.  It is also a fact that the most famous championship bars have been copied and their fans have kept them as a piece of charismatic art piece.