The belts of the AWA (American Wrestling Association) Championship are not just wrestling memorabilia; they’re relics from an age that changed professional wrestling forever. This piece will look at the history, importance and ongoing legacy of these famous titles.


History of the AWA Championship Belts


In 1960 Verne Gagne founded the AWA which quickly rose to become one of America’s biggest promotions. The champions wore championship belts. But more than being mere accolades earned through hard work or skill; they were symbols representing greatness achieved within this world which demands so much sacrifice as well as dedication towards such fleeting moments.


Significance of the Belts


These belts meant everything when it came down them because nobody could deny what a big deal it was whoever held one had made themselves into something special indeed!! Holding any belt signified that person had reached their peak potentiality but also marked them out from everyone else who never even got close enough too see let alone touch such heights!


Design and Craftmanship


Each A.W.A Champion Belt had been crafted with great attention to detail, so that no expense was spared! They were made to look prestigious by giving them intricate designs showing how valued these titles were considered. These magnificent pieces involved gold plating leather straps and other items emblematic royal families while still being affordable enough for anyone wanting purchase some art work without breaking bank balance!!


Legends of the AWA


Some of professional wrestling’s most respected names have worn an A.W.A. World Heavyweight Championship around their waistline at one point or another! For instance Nick Bockwinkel, Larry Zbysko along with Mad Dog Vachon all became synonymous not only with holding these coveted prizes multiple times over but also defending against worthy contenders during long reigns proving beyond doubt each man deserved his place among legends!!


The Belts’ Legacy in Wrestling


Even though American Wrestling Association folded its doors shut back during 90s everyone knows that there is no such thing as dead in wrestling. These titles came about to be known for not only their looks but rich history behind them too which made people want fight hardest whenever they had chance compete against someone holding any one these beauties!!


Collecting AWA Championship Belts


Currently collectable items among fans who love collecting different types of wrestling memorabilia are belts from this particular promotion. It’s these historical aspects, which make it worthwhile getting hold actual belt something that has been touched by legends such as Verne Gagne himself or even better still won personally in ring before millions watching on television sets worldwide!!!


Modern Wrestling Championships


A lot designs used today owe much credit towards classic style employed by American wrestling association when designing its own belts; an example being seen here where modern-day title belts pay tribute while at same time presenting fresh look entirely keeping up with times thus ensuring continued inspiration future generations both wrestlers as well spectators alike.




The AWA championship belts aren’t just relics; they’re symbols of glory and drama that define professional wrestling. They represent timeless tributes to the sport history, cherished by those fans who cheered them collectors preserve them forever!!