In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, the AEW TNT Championship is a glowing sign of athleticism and entertainment. This title was launched by All Elite Wrestling to not only pay homage to wrestling on television but also display the skill and commitment of its holders. So let’s take a look at the history, importance and memorable moments surrounding this championship belt!


The Birth Of The AEW TNT Championship


Established in 2020, All Elite Wrestling is a company which has gained popularity very quickly since its inception. This promotion introduced the TNT Championship as their second title ever after the AEW World Heavyweight Title. Named after Turner Network Television (TNT)–the channel where they broadcast their flagship show “AEW Dynamite” every Wednesday night–this belt was created in order to recognize those who shine brightest under TV lights within the industry. The arrival of this belt marked a new era for AEW that showed they were serious about putting on top notch pro-wrestling entertainment each week.


Design And Prestige


The design of the AEW TNT Championship belt is truly a work of art which represents just how prestigious this title really is! It features an intricate design that pays tribute not only to the promotion but also to the network. This has been achieved through various versions made for different champions over time thus telling stories about its own development as well as those who have held it before.


Notable Champions & Feuds


From Cody Rhodes becoming inaugural champion right up until current holder Sammy Guevara; many competitive feuds have taken place over this championship since its creation two years ago. There have been some incredibly talented wrestlers who’ve etched their names into history books such as Darby Allin or even Lance Archer but all these reigns help build up what could be considered one among many top-tier titles in AEW today.


What The Belt Means To AEW


This belt is symbolic for many reasons because not only does it represent competition on television but also represents what being an All Elite Wrestler means. When you see this belt every week on Dynamite it shows that there’s no other company who cares about providing better quality wrestling and telling great stories than AEW. The title is designed with young talent in mind as well; giving them something tangible they can strive towards while knowing still having veterans like Rhodes who have been around years can win it too if they prove themselves worthy enough.


Moments That Have Made Us Yell “Holy S***”


There have been so many moments already during just year one alone where people were left speechless or had jaws drop to floor due some action involving one wrestler holding another over his head for example while they’re standing atop steel steps! There are countless such highlights scattered throughout the history books since its inception which is sure gonna continue into future ones as well.


Fan Reception And Legacy Of The TNT Championship


The fan reaction when AEW introduced this belt was incredible because fans knew something special was about to happen within wrestling industry. As time goes by we will see how much of a legacy gets left behind from those who’ve held championships, competed under them or even just watched every single episode featuring these belts. It’s safe say though no matter what anyone else might think; most would agree winning one means everything!




More than a title, the AEW TNT Championship is a representation of wrestling excellence on TV. Each fight gives birth to new stories within the history of professional fighting that champions and contenders alike tell. While growing, still the TNT Championship serves as a milestone marking the success achieved by the wrestlers at AEW in front of an international crowd watching through their televisions. The successors to this belt will be shining as bright as any star ever has; thus far they have provided many such unforgettable instances which themselves offer promise for what lies ahead in terms of excitement among wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.