AWA has gained a lot of fame and popularity among wrestlers and fans. AWA wrestling belts are considered the most exclusive and well-known championship belts. If you do not know about these championship belts, you must not consider yourself a true wrestling fan. Mainly, talking about this AWA world heavyweight wrestling championship belt,  it's been in the hands of many iconic wrestlers for almost decades. Still, it has a significant level of appearance and popularity. 
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In today’s post, we will elaborate on the detailed procedure of how you can order these replica championship belts.  Also, you will know all the specifications you can get in these belts. We will ensure the best product that will stand right according to your expectations; let's get into it immediately. Get your favorite wrestling belt now and stay with us till the last line.

AWA Heavyweight Replica Wrestling Championship Belt

In the introductory part of this article, you should learn about the popularity and greatness of this heavyweight championship belt. The most important thing which attracted all the wrestling fans to this belt was the layout and its glorious appearance. It has a central silver metallic plate. Now let’s get you through the fantastic modifications and its overall design.  

Compared to other wrestling championship belts, its central plate is quite bigger. Along with the main metallic silver plate, there are also square shaved metallic plates that are relatively smaller in size.  These smaller plates connect with the bigger plate, enhancing the overall beauty of the championship belt.

Most people question whether replica championship belts are precisely the same as original Wrestling championship belts. The replica championship belts are the same as the original wrestling championship belts.  However, the quality standards differ from the original ones because real gold and gems are used to embellish the original wrestling championship belts. So it is our prime duty to address this fundamental question for all our customers.  

If we talk about the look of replica championship belts, they are precisely similar to the original ones. Even some replica championship belts look incredibly superb and look like original ones. On the other hand, in replica championship belts, metallic plates are used to make them shiny and attractive.  

You can also get this feeling from our replica championship belts because they are designed and manufactured precisely on the same parameters.  It makes them more attractive and fascinating to wrestling fans, and our replica championship belt will emulsify your overall championship belt collection.

Why are AWA wrestling belts the biggest appreciation titles?

Among wrestling fans, these championship belts are the biggest appreciation titles given to wrestlers. There are many reasons for that. Firstly these championship belts are heavy and big, which looks more enchanting to the wrestlers.  These wrestling championship belts enhance the glory of the wrestler in the ring. Also, the design and central imprinting of the title on the belt magnify the beauty of the championship belt. 

It is true AWA superstars have always dreamed of getting this wrestling championship belt and taking the token of appreciation from their beloved fans.  This heavyweight wrestling championship belt is an ideal title to appreciate the victory of every wrestler in the wrestling ring. 

Many small brands and companies are also starting to get replica championship belts of this same design for their company's best performer or player.  It is an excellent award to honor the efforts and victories of wrestlers and sports players.

Order replica AWA wrestling belts

The AWA wrestling belts are phenomenal, and you can order them by following easy steps. 

  • You can get these super-quality replicas of the AWA Heavyweight wrestling championship belts made from the finest material. 
  • Generally, the metallic plate on the front side, as well as the side ones, are made from brass.  And the thickness of these metallic plates is approximately 2 to 3 millimeters.
  • The weight of this replica championship belt is 3 kilograms.  However, customers can also change the size and weight of their championship belts. 
  • The metallic plates are double-layered, and these dual plates offer excellent durability and resilience.  The metallic plates are painted with non-corrosive paints so they can go in the long run.
  • Considering the standard waist size of these heavyweight championship belts,  you can get them in 50 inches.
  • Lastly, the leather strap is made from top-grain leather material. It will stay intact forever, and there will be no cracks in the strap even after years.
  • Additionally, you can make changes per your demand and add anything to make it more glorious and attractive.
Once you have selected all these specifications of this AWA championship belt, you have to confirm your order. You will get a verification code. After the final confirmation, we will start designing and manufacturing your wrestling championship belt. 

Final words

We are concluding our whole discussion about these replica championship belts.  We suggest you get one and enjoy a new experience with these fascinating championship belts. AWA Wrestling Belts must surely be in your collection if you are a massive collector of replica championship belts. We are offering you the best quality replica championship belt. Also, you can add as many things as you want and get it fully customized for yourself.  We guarantee you these championship belts have the best quality and perfect design. So get one for yourself for sure.