In the fast-paced world of professional wrestling, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has quickly become a fan favorite. But when can you catch all the high-flying, slam-dunking action on TV? This guide has got you covered on everything you need to know about when AEW is lighting up your living room.


AEW: A Brief Overview


Before we dive into the schedule, let's take a moment to appreciate what AEW brings to the table. Founded in 2019, AEW has been breaking barriers and bringing fresh energy to the wrestling scene. With a roster of both seasoned legends and rising stars, AEW's shows are a must-watch for wrestling enthusiasts.


AEW Weekly Shows: When and Where


AEW's flagship show, "Dynamite," explodes onto your screen every Wednesday night. Offering two hours of non-stop action, "Dynamite" has become synonymous with cutting-edge wrestling entertainment. But that's not all – AEW also brings "Rampage" to the ring, a one-hour bout of entertainment that airs every Friday night.


Special Events and Pay-Per-Views


Beyond the weekly excitement, AEW also hosts several special events and pay-per-view extravaganzas throughout the year. These events, such as "All Out," "Double or Nothing," and "Full Gear," offer even more intense action and storyline developments. Dates and times for these events vary, so keeping an eye on AEW's official website or social media channels is a good idea.


Where to Watch AEW


AEW has made it easier than ever to dive into its world. Apart from cable TV, AEW programs are available on various streaming platforms, ensuring you don't miss a moment, no matter where you are. From traditional networks to online streaming services, AEW's accessibility is a big win for fans.


International Viewing


Not in the United States? No problem! AEW has a broad international reach, with broadcasting partners in numerous countries. Whether you're in the UK, Canada, or beyond, there's a way for you to join in on the action. Check local listings and AEW's official site for specific details.


Why Keep Up with AEW?


Staying updated with AEW's TV schedule means you're in for a treat with every match. It's not just about the wrestling; it's about the stories, the drama, and the community. Whether you're a lifelong wrestling fan or new to the scene, AEW offers something for everyone.




All Elite Wrestling has taken the wrestling world by storm, and keeping up with its TV schedule ensures you're part of the action. Whether through "Dynamite," "Rampage," or the thrilling pay-per-view events, AEW continues to offer top-tier entertainment. So mark your calendars, set your reminders, and prepare for some of the best wrestling action available on television today.