The Evolution of AEW Championship Belt
The AEW Championship Belt is a relatively new addition to the world of professional wrestling, having been introduced in 2019 when All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was founded. The design of the belt was inspired by the classic wrestling championship belts of the past, with a modern twist that reflects the unique identity of AEW.
The first AEW Championship Belt was won by Chris Jericho at the AEW All Out event in 2019, marking the beginning of a new era in professional wrestling. Since then, the AEW Championship Belt has become one of the most coveted titles in the industry, with wrestlers from all over the world vying for the chance to hold it.
The Design Process of AEW Championship Belt
The AEW Championship Belt was designed by legendary belt maker Dave Millican, who has created championship belts for WWE, TNA, and many other wrestling promotions. The design of the belt was a collaborative effort between Millican, AEW, and its wrestlers, with each contributing their unique vision and ideas.
The AEW Championship Belt features a black leather strap with gold plates and red accents. The center plate is a large AEW logo surrounded by diamonds, with the words "World Champion" written in bold letters. The side plates feature intricate designs that reflect the personality and style of the current champion.
The Significance of AEW Championship Belt
The AEW Championship Belt is more than just an accessory or a title. It represents the culmination of a wrestler's hard work, dedication, and passion. Winning the AEW Championship Belt is the ultimate goal for many wrestlers, as it signifies that they are the best in the world.
The AEW Championship Belt also serves as a symbol of AEW's commitment to excellence and innovation in professional wrestling. It embodies the company's values of authenticity, inclusivity, and creativity, and serves as a source of inspiration for its wrestlers and fans.
The AEW Championship Belt is a testament to the rich history and legacy of professional wrestling, while also representing the innovation and creativity of a new era in the industry. Its design, significance, and legacy make it one of the most iconic championship belts in the world, and its influence will continue to shape the future of professional wrestling for years to come.