AEW Championship Title Belt Replica

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AEW Championship Title Belt Thick 4mm Double Stack Brass Plates

AEW Championship Belt Brass Plates is handcrafted by our skilled craftsmen using quality materials 

The plates are made in brass with high quality gold plating.

4mm brass Plates have good etching and extremely excellent finished quality. 

We use finest Cowhide soft leather strap with excellent hand tooling on it. The plates are then curved and gold polished.  
Finest quality paint work on plates is done by skilled painters.

AEW Championship Belt Brass Plates Product Details: 

Plates Material: 4mm brass with high quality gold plating. 

Strap Material: Cowhide Soft Leather (Leather Backing)

Weight: 10 lbs  

Plates Thickness: 4mm Double Stacked Thick Brass Plates

Also Available In 2mm/6mm/8mm Thick brass Plates

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Manufacturing Time: 
12-15 Days 

For Better Quality Finished Championship Belt, it takes around 12-15 days to be ready.

aew championship belt replica