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WWE New Title Belts 2019

Gold Plated World Heavy Weight Champion Belt Named Triple H As belt collectors were looking for WWE   New Title Belts 2019, WWE introduced   several new titles this year which were loved   by the title lovers. In the end of 2018   wrestling fans were quite confused because  no new title was released by WWE.

 So after WWE New Title Belts 2019   Collection, fans are now back to support championship titles. Now as everyone knows that WWE is the all time favorite wrestling promotion, so people are always looking forward to hear from them.


So for WWE New Title Belts 2019 are below mentioned:

- WWE ECO Friendly Championship Title Belt

- WWE The Fiend Championship Title Belt

- WWE The 24/7 Championship Title Belt

- WWE New Intercontinental 2019 Championship Title Belt

- WWE Undertaker Championship Title Belt

- WWE Universal The Fiend Version.

These were the belts launched in the year 2019.

- WWE ECO Friendly Championship Title Belt:

One of these WWE New Title Belts 2019 was launched by Daniel Bryan earlier this year. People were really impressed just because it was made of an ECO friendly material. People Started loving it and Pre-Booking started for this title belt.

- WWE The Fiend Championship Title Belt:

One of WWE New Title Belts 2019 took over the heart of people with it's creepy look. It was introduced by the character The Fiend. This belt was considered as one of the expensive title belts.

- WWE The 24/7 Championship Title Belt:

This belt was introduced this year by Mick Foley in live show. It has a very simple design but provides a very attractive look because it's green-golden color combination.

- WWE New Intercontinental 2019 Championship Title Belt:

WWE officially announced the new intercontinental championship title belt this year with a great change in its design. Unlike all other intercontinental designs, it has different layout over the title.

- WWE Undertaker Championship Title Belt:

This belt was launched earlier this year by the phenom (The Undertaker). It has a very beautiful leather strap and has big plates over a beautiful leather work.

- WWE Universal The Fiend Version:

The new universal championship title belt was introduced earlier this year by Bray Wyatt a.k.a The Fiend. The Universal Title was used to be with red leather strap but now it has been changed to blue color with the fiend face on side plates.

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