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You can bet on the look of the WWE New Title Belts of 2019. The belts’ designs come in different shapes, color shades, and intriguing presentations. Although each championship has a different design and material configuration, you can’t beat the superlative look of each title belt. While some critics are smack down some of the designs on the basis of design especially the color blending, some enthusiasts are cheering with excitement.

What do you expect when WWE fans are drawn from varied strata of classes, just like in every popular game? By and large, there were great releases of new WWE title release in 2019 which include the New Universal Championship on SmackDown, The New Intercontinental 2019 Title Belt, The Universal Fiend Version, Undertaker Championship Title Belt, the 24/7 Title Belt, the Fiend Championship Title Belt, and Eco-friendly Championship Title Belt. The new title belts thrilled the wresting lovers and belt collectors across the world in 2019.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Title Belt WWE World HeavyWeight Champion Belt

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