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WWE as a major promoter of wrestling worldwide sometimes releases new title belts to match their championships. This move always gladdens the hearts of its followers. WWE has many Title Belts in its kitty in different categories. The categories range from the WWE Universal Championship, WWE Championship, WWE RAW Women's Championship, SmackDown Women's Championship, Intercontinental Championship, United States Championship, RAW Tag Team Championship, SmackDown Tag Team Championship, and Women's Tag Team Championship.


Get The Thrills And Frills Of Different Title Belts

Wrestling lovers, Title Belts collectors, and Title Belts merchants keenly await the release of new title belts while they jostle for old title belts too.

The WWE parades an array of title belts in different categories such as WCW Intercontinental Championship, The Team Championship, NXT Women championship, NXT Tag Team, and Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship and many others.

The Championship Title Belts merchants are always alert to stockpile various title belts in their stores in different categories, some with a special interest in UWF TV Title.  Some of the title belts come as a replica of the original champions’ belts, while some collectors prefer to have their choices customized to their tastes.

UWF Television Champion Belt WCW United States HeavyWeight Champion Title Belt

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You may choose to go for their Zinc plate title belts; your satisfaction is equally guaranteed with their well-etched with details of art and with enchanting high-quality 24 K Gold plating over the Zinc plates. This does not only make you feel like a WWE champion, but you look it.

Zees Belts Championship Belts Store has all types of Title Belts of your desire. Another big plus of the Zees Belts is the customization options they offer. It is a matter of getting it the way you wanted it. From the leather belt stripe’s color to etching details, and other additional features of your choice; name it, you get it.

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